# eProcurement and its advantages

eProcurement (internally called “Zupply”) is a Zalando cloud-based online solution to enable the request, approval, ordering and invoicing of indirect (non-merchandizing) goods and services. By using the eProcurement tool, the entire ordering and invoicing process is managed in an efficient and digital manner, for both Zalando as well as our external suppliers. This includes electronic request approvals, free text purchase orders, catalog purchase orders, and electronic invoices.

# Advantages of using the eProcurement tool

# Purchase Orders (POs)

The ordering process of our employees will be directly forwarded to you as a Purchase Order (PO) via the procurement platform. You can edit every order online. The PO number has to be attached to the corresponding invoice.

# Invoicing

Invoices can be directly forwarded to us via the procurement platform as well. This saves you the shipping, time, money and the risk of wrong deliveries. We are able to process the invoicing online and consequently you will receive the payment faster (according to the agreed payment term).

# Compliance

The execution of the orders, invoices and payments over the procurement platform offers a high degree of compliance due to consistent and transparent processes.

# Being up to date

As you, as a supplier, are able to update your data autonomously at our supplier platform, it is always ensured that your latest data are available for Zalando. So the order and invoice delivery is always secured.

# Visibility

As soon as you are registered in our supplier platform, we are able to see which products you are offering and for which business units you could become a potential supplier based on the provided information from your side. With this feature you can be found by additional business units and we can extend our collaboration.