# Zalando electronic procurement: ZUPPLY

Table of content:

# What does compliant electronic invoicing mean for you as a supplier?

Compliant einvoicing is a secure and easy electronic billing method, which ensures a compliance check (in accordance with §§ 14 par. 4, 14a Value Added Tax Act).

# What is our aim?

Compliant einvoicing seeks to increase automation within invoice handling, accelerate process costs and time and exclusively creates invoices on the basis of your shared data and your explicit approval.

# Which channels can be used?

  • CSP (Coupa Supplier Portal)
  • SAN (invoice generation via E-Mail)
  • cXML (invoice generation via Code)

# What are your advantages as a supplier?

  • Guaranteed transfer of the invoice within seconds
  • Higher process security for invoicing
  • Incorrect invoices can be minimized (e.g. pre-check of tax info)
  • Legally compliant documentation (digitally signed PDF document)
  • Transparency over current invoice status on CSP
  • Electronic communication channel for questions about invoice
  • Invoice creation exclusively on basis of your shared data and your explicit approval

With the launch of the new system Zalando switches to electronic invoicing. Here you will be guided through the following steps:

  1. Register on the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP)
  2. Create an invoice in the CSP
  3. Create a credit in the CSP
  4. Billing via SAN
  5. Credit creation via SAN

Please, find training material for the einvoicing channels SAN and CSP here: Download PDF

The invoice creation is done exclusively on the basis of your shared data and your explicit approval (Step 5).

With this process invoicing according to European standards is ensured. Further information regarding the directive 2014/55EU of the European Parliament and the council from April 16, 2014 about electronic invoicing for public procurement contracts with EEA relevance can be found here: external link (opens new window)

# Webinar: Electronic Invoicing

Below you can find the recording of the Webinar “Electronic Invoicing at Zalando”.

If you have not received the password please contact your Zalando Contact or write a email to einvoicing@zalando.de.

In the Webinar following topics are being discussed:

  1. What is electronic invoicing?
  2. What are the three electronic invoicing solutions?
  3. Demo: How to create an invoice via SAN and CSP
  4. Requirements for Direct electronic connection (cXML)
  5. Tips and Tricks for einvoicing from Accounting

If you would like to watch the webinar with subtitles, please click on the CC. You can select the subtitles for English and German.

If you have any open questions, please feel free to submit your question to einvoicing@zalando.de